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Our programs are supported by generous donations from people like you. Click here to donate and support our efforts to help child victims of abuse.

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Safe Harbor holds amazing and fun events to help suppport our activities. Click here to find out how you can attend some of these fun events!

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Safe Harbor

Celebration of Our Stars October 21, 2016
Celebration of Our Stars

A community response to child abuse

Safe Harbor Child Advocacy Center provides child abuse victims with a child friendly, community oriented, facility-based program in which professionals from multiple agencies come together to address the child’s abuse. Safe Harbor works to address the abuse in such a way that it honors the child’s need for safety, dignity and privacy. Thus reducing the trauma and preventing further victimization of the child.Casino Night

Child abuse is a complex problem. Professionals in medicine, mental health, Child Protective Services, law enforcement, prosecution, and victim advocacy all may have a role in the process. Suspected victims of child abuse often have to visit each agency separately, recounting their experiences and reliving their trauma over and
over again…NOT ANY MORE!


We invite you to join us as we address child abuse and protect our children so that perpetrators are held accountable and children are not further traumatized by the investigative process.
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CFC Number: 34752
CVC Number: 3667
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