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Safe Harbor Child Advocacy Center provides children and families with healing and justice in a setting they can trust. Ultimately, this means that children experience a reduction in symptoms of trauma, a quicker return to healthy functioning, and their cases are more successfully prosecuted. But more children need our help.

In Virginia, during state fiscal year 2020:

  • there were 52,554 children reported as possible victims of child abuse in the Commonwealth;
  • 5,792 children were victims in founded cases of abuse or neglect;
  • 9% of the maltreatment in founded cases was due to physical neglect; 25.8% to physical abuse; 9.5% to sexual abuse;
  • 29 children died as a result of abuse or neglect; and
  • the COVID19 pandemic impacted the sources of reports as demonstrated by a decline of nearly 4% of calls by educators, and a slight 1% increase by law enforcement.

With the support of the community, and throughout the pandemic, Safe Harbor has provided a child-focused, community-based facility in which well-trained professionals come together to respond to the child’s abuse in such a way that it honors the child’s need for safety, dignity, and privacy, thus, reducing the trauma and preventing further victimization of the child. Since its inception, Safe Harbor has served more than 2,500 child and adolescent victims of abuse from local jurisdictions.

Abused and neglected children in our communities greatly need Safe Harbor to expand services. 

We work with donors to ensure their gift is designated in a personally fulfilling manner. Donors of $250 or more are included in our “giving tree” in our lobby—a visible symbol of love that all visiting children see when they walk through the door.

Combined Federal Campaign Code: 34752
Combined Virginia Campaign Code: 200992

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